Month: December 2004


Concepts Have Taken Over: A Survival Guide To A Mental Plague

It is an odd but universal catastrophe that what was intended as a mute servant, sadly, become a roaring master. Specifically, concepts have changed...

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Why People Reject Freedom

Recently, I had a very disturbing argument. I was making the case for a State-less society, and a friend of mine said that leaders...

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Death to God: The Cancer of Illusion

There are many atheists who believe that religious faith, while irrational and untrue, is a harmless hobby, a merely personal weakness, or a sentimental...

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The Relative Goodness of God

Surely one of the strangest and most prevalent notions is that, without God, ethics are relativistic. The term ‘relativistic’ here means that good and...

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The Stateless Society: An Examination of Alternatives

If the Twentieth Century proved anything, it is that the single greatest danger to human life are the thugs of the centralized political State,...

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