Jan 27.

Stefan Molyneux

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The Fructose Epidemic – An Article by Dr Robert H. Lustig

‘Fructose consumption has increased coincidentally with the worldwide epidemics of obesity…’ A powerful article on the diseases caused by sugar and high fructose corn syrup. To read the entire article, please visit http:///www.fdrurl.com/sucrose

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  • Lustig is definitely onto something with fructose. But Gary Taubes is really where it's at. His paradigm shifting book, Good Calories Bad Calories, overturned the old lipid hypothesis of disease and the caloric balance hypothesis of obesity. He then established the carbohydrate hypothesis (both fructose and glucose)which holds that carbohydrates, through their effects on insulin, are the root cause of obesity and disease. Best book I've ever read on the topic of health. This lecture is a good overview of his book.

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