May 02.

Stefan Molyneux

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The Truth About bin Laden

His death will not bring your freedoms back to life. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web.


So bin Laden has apparently been killed, and this is cause for mass celebrations, perhaps because people believe that the cycle of evil will end with this murder.

But governments don’t solve the problem of evil, because governments always need an enemy to scare you with — the Kaiser, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, drug dealers, terrorists, and so on and on.

But who is the enemy?

The death toll from American imperialism: more than 27,000,000 million people slaughtered worldwide.

Well, I guess 27,000,000 and one will make everything better now.

Even if we say that bin Laden needed to be captured or killed — just look at the facts:

It took the US government 10 years, 2 wars, almost a million deaths, and over $1.1 trillion (interest and inflation not included) to kill one person.

This is the same person that the US trained, funded and armed to fight the Soviets in the 1980s. The same person that the Taliban offered to hand over almost a year before 9/11, as long as the US government provided objective evidence linking him to terrorism — which the US failed to do, even after the Taliban warned Washington that bin Laden was going to strike the US.

After 9/11, the Taliban again offered to turn over bin Laden to a neutral country or the Court of Justice in The Hague, even without evidence. This offer was rejected.

And proof? Colin Powell promised it would be provided. It never was. The British government put together a 21-page dossier on bin Laden, but admitted that it would not amount to a prosecutable case in a court of law.

Remember when Saddam Hussein was captured? That was cause for celebration as well.

And what changed?

If killing bin Laden is a great victory, then wonderful, good job, give us our freedoms back. Cut the defense budget in half. Bring the troops home, because we’re done.

What? That’s not going to happen?

Then stop celebrating and wake up!

Stefan Molynuex, is the host of Freedomain Radio (, the most popular philosophy site on the Internet, and a “Top 10” Finalist in the 2007-2010 Podcast Awards.
  • So Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot were just patsies, excuses for the "real evil" (US govt) to go on a mega-murder spree? You make the case that government needs an enemy to scare the populace, but what do you think those leaders did? Their bad guys were the Jews, kulaks, capitalist running dogs (including the US), and they racked up orders of magnitudes more murders than the US government.

    You don't provide a source for your 27,000,000 figure, but you give a few glances which includes 600,000+ dead in Cambodia, which is an abject lie told by Chomsky and other apologists for socialist mass murderers.

    Yes, government is evil, including the US government. And, the basic message you're trying to get across in this video is valid.

    I just don't understand why you need to use the lies of people who ran cover for even worse governments? Why protect those evil governments with false moral equivalence propaganda?

    Stick to some real facts and you can still make your case against US invasions and the loss of freedoms for Americans.

    Plenty more people will support you when you're honest.

    Elliot / 4:06 pm /
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