May 19.

Stefan Molyneux

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The Truth About George Washington

George Washington was unanimously elected as the first president of the United States of America after winning the American Revolutionary War as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

Washington was first called “Father of his Country” three years after the beginning of the Revolutionary War – a status he earned not only for his military accomplishments, but also because of the numerous virtues he was perceived to possess as a human being.

But within Washington’s impeccable character, one quality stood out the most – a unique immunity to the corrupting effects of power, which stemmed from his selfless nature. “I often say of George Washington that he was one of the few in the whole history of the world who was not carried away by power,” stated Robert Frost, “America’s great poet-philosopher.”

After overthrowing the tyranny of the British Empire, Americans were unwilling to trust anyone with the power of a central government, yet in George Washington they saw a man who had transcended human fallibility. “Had he lived in the days of idolatry,” the Pennsylvania Journal noted in 1777, Washington would have been “worshipped as a god.”

How could such a man ever abuse his power, let alone become a tyrant? Furthermore, if men like Washington exist and can be elected into power, perhaps the United States government would never follow in the footsteps of the hated British Empire.

Does the mortal George Washington live up to his immortal legend? What is the Truth About George Washington?

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