Sep 30.

Stefan Molyneux


Stefan Molyneux: My Brutal Year

I have always counselled honesty, and although it is very tough for me to show the soft underbelly of my fears and insecurities, it’s time to talk about what the hell is going on with Freedomain and philosophy…

  • Just started a monthly donation to help you with the show. I really appreciate and enjoy your hard work and would love to see more documentaries and the truth about series.

    Tobias Karlsson / 8:09 pm /
    • Thanks so much!

      Stefan Molyneux / 8:09 pm /
    • thanks so much Tobias!

      Stefan Molyneux / 8:09 pm /
  • Stef, I’m trying to set up a donation via PayPal (yeugh). How do I do a custom amount? Can I also donate directly in GBP?

    Regarding content, my favourite stuff is the long conversations on your call in show and the presentations on things no one else discusses such as immigration and climate change.

    I don’t like when you waste time on loons like flat Earthers and commies, because that wastes my time too.
    I am also frustrated at how hard it is to get to sources for your presentations. I would really appreciate a page with a list of the most important sources you have used as this would help in arguments with for example AGW acolytes.

    I haven’t watched your documentaries, because I prefer to listen to audio content or read articles.

    Lastly, did you mean to take this off of YouTube? I saw it there before, but it appears to have been pulled.

    Alex / 8:09 pm /
    • Thanks Alex – yes, you should be able to do a custom amount and currency.

      Which video are you referring to?

      Stefan Molyneux / 8:09 pm /
      • This video (My Brutal Year). I was in Finland, now back in the UK.

        Perhaps they blocked it there, because I could not find it on the YouTube app search and when I tried going directly through the embedded video, the YouTube app claimed the video did not exist.

        Alex Moroney / 8:09 pm /
  • Stefan, don’t let these thugs keep you down. Your tour in Australia was fundamental to have our community thrive. And I request you don’t let that dissaude you from continuing. I was in the Brisbane event, and it was upbeat and positive regardless of what the outside thugs (where there weren’t many of except in Melbourne maybe), would like to have thought.

    zyrorl / 8:09 pm /
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