Dec 09.

Stefan Molyneux

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Freedomain Call-In Follow Up

Dear Stefan, I wanted to give you a follow up as promised:

My mother and I are talking again. She contacted me a few days ago and profoundly apologized for everything she did to me in my childhood. She sent a long text detailing everythjng she did wrong in my upbringing. I was very surprised by that.

She said, that she is very sorry for hitting me. For ignoring me. It was not right of her to do all those things she did, and she sees that now.

We are at a start of getting to know each other again. But that would surely not be possible without your input.

So, I just want to thank you.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Stefan (Frozen 2 suuuuuuucked).

Take care,


  • Hi Stefan,
    I avidly listen to your podcasts and very much appreciate your insights into life. They have provoked many useful thoughts in my mind. In your recent podcast 4499 HOW TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE! you spent a long time explaining why it was always wrong to “Smack” a child. I am a father of 3 children (30-Girl, 28-Boy, 26-Boy) and I can still remember every single time I ever smacked each and every one of them. The total number of “Smacks” across all of my children is 3. Every single one of the “Smacks” are still fully justifiable and were 100% necessary. I won’t bore you with all of them, but the main one I want you to hear, and the most important went as follows. At the age of 7 my daughter ran across the road on a busy road, without doing the Green-Cross-Code. Despite drumming the rules about crossing the road into her from the moment she could walk, with continual, calm, clear reinforcement about why the rules should be followed, she simply ran across the road. WItnessing this my heart sank and I crossed the road, carefully, obeying our established rules, and remonstrated with her in a calm and caring way, explaining what she had just done. She then proceeded to run straight back across the road without looking. I again crossed the road, safely, and started to forcefully tell her that she had done wrong again, to which she started screaming at me like a deranged banshee and was completely uncontrollable. It was at this point I slapped her backside. It was as if the “Smack” sucked her screams back into her lungs, afterwhich everything went silent. I reacted in this way for one reason and one reason only. She was refusing to listen to what I was saying. She was refusing to acknowledge what she had done wrong. She was somehow blaming my wife for her life threatening actions. She was screaming so loud I thought she might induce some form of fit. The smack did its job. She fell silent and to this day she, at the ripe old age of 30, is the most cautious road crosser you will ever encounter – The “Smack” has saved her life many, many times.

    With respect to the subject of “Smacking”, I believe you might need a bit more experience with different types of kids, before proclaiming it is never necessary.
    Kind Regards

    SImon / 10:05 am /
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