Dec 31.

Stefan Molyneux

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Freedomain Testimonials!

I’ve decided to start gathering Freedomain testimonials in one place, so that you can all see the wonderful messages I get in my inbox every day!

My wife and I come from very abusive childhoods, I firmly believed in a
good “whooping” (to quote Barack ) when it came to raising children. We
planned on both working and sending our future kids to daycare, etc. The whole “normal societal” story.

We got into your podcasts about a two years ago, and since spent what seems to be thousands of hours discussing life, reshaping our marriage, beliefs, friends and family. We’ve grown closer and closer to each other, and for the first time in my life I know what it means to be loved, and to love someone.

All of this self study found a purpose a few months ago when we had the
incredible news that our first child is on the way.

As a result of your work and many conversations, we moved to a cheaper
neighbourhood and cut back on expenses. My wife has quit her job and will be a stay at home mom, she will also homeschool. Most importantly, we will be loving, peaceful parents. Promoting voluntarism, negotiation,
communication and understanding.

Two nights ago I told my wife with tears in my eyes, that I wish I could
have been reincarnated as our soon to born son. I wish I knew how beautiful life could have been.

My point is to thank you for showing us a different way. My future son
thanks you, I will be able to love him, he’s childhood will not be taken
from him.

My heart bleeds of thankfulness towards you every time I think of the future of my new family. I look back in horror at myself in the past when I would comment that some child needs a beating.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Paul wrote “Your videos have helped free me to live better virtue, and transformed the parenting of my son. Refusing to get him circumcised, and setting out firm guidelines not to spank or yell have given me such hope for him, and feel like the breaking of a chain of violence. I have no idea what the possibilities are for him in his future that are unlocked because of the power of peaceful parenting, but I am excited and hopeful to find out. Thank God for you, Stefan.”

Ryan wrote: “thank you for all you do. I attribute my stumbling upon your podcast 6+ years ago as the biggest turning point in my life. It led to serious and continual introspection, therapy, a new job, starting my own business, meeting the girl of my dreams, living in another country, and a whole lot more. From a MENTAL health (and intellectual) perspective, you changed everything.

Will wrote: When I discovered your work back in 2015, I was single and did not believe in monogamous relationships, severely depressed, a hardcore socialist, postmodernist, atheist, and neo-Marxist. After discovering your work, and largely because of your work, I renounced my former beliefs in favor of the rigorous application of the NAP, which leads inevitably to anarcho-capitalism, rededicated myself to the Christian tradition of my childhood, got married, and had a beautiful daughter, who is now 7 months old. From the very bottom of my heart, Stefan, thank you. Thank you for providing the intellectual artillery necessary to achieve such a drastic transformation. My marriage and the two children that I call my own have both brought such joy into my life as I might never have achieved before, and it was your work that made all that possible for me.

Zach wrote: Since it’s the end of the year, I was reflecting on my life and how it’s changed over the past seven years or so.  Freedomain has been a big part of it:

– I got that electrifying wake-up call to think consistently and rationally in 2013 from reading UPB

– Lost a bunch of (false) friends in 2015 because I was able to speak to them truthfully about myself and my goals in life. I learned that from listening to the call-in shows

– On a first date with a girl, I talked with her about the NAP, rationality, ethics, and how taxation is theft.  She later told me that was the best first date she ever had

– I married her in April of this year, and we are very happy!

Ken wrote: I want to thank you for re-igniting my interest in philosophy. Though I have a Doctor of Philosophy degree, it’s not in philosophy but in chemistry. The matter of the title of the degree has bothered me for close on 50 years. I would often wonder what the philosophy part was that I’d performed to qualify for the degree. The answer seems obscure and always will be if the history of its origin is cast aside. However, your YouTube videos that I have followed for a number of years made me more aware of what philosophy is about. Not surprisingly, few of the concepts that I met were new to me. I wasn’t ill-equipped to understand how to use them. I guess, you brought into focus a way of thinking that I’d been using, on and off, for years without understanding fully the thought processes I’d invoked in doing so.

Izack wrote: Thanks Stefan. I know you probably hear this all the time but you honestly changed my life. I love how you think and I find myself learning a lot about myself from your words. You’ve made me into a better person and I can’t thank you enough. Right now I am currently in some rough financial times, but I promise you I will resubscribe when I feel stable again. I know you need it and for how much value you bring to the world (and how much work you put) at least $20 a month is 100% without a doubt worth it. You’re making the world a better place. Thank you.

Rox wrote: I can’t donate right now (although both my Husband and I have done so in the past) because I recently left my job to be a SAHM to our 8 month old baby girl and we’re surviving on a VERY measly salary from my Husband… that is a long story for a call in show one day if I find the guts.

I’ve been listening and sharing for around 6 years and I am eternally grateful to you for transforming my outlook. I joke with my Husband that we owe the birth of our daughter entirely to you, and it is partially true. Thank you.

We’ll be back to donating sporadically when we next get some money our way.

All the best for a wonderful 2020 to you, your wife and Isabella.


Carl wrote: I just hope I make as big an impact as you in making this world a better place.

You have saved me & my family with your recent family/marriage podcasts plus UPB.

The world is much better place now I found you.

Adam wrote:

Good day Stefan,

I’d just finished listening to your latest podcast on 2020, we win now or lose it all, and decided it was time to tell you of what your show has done for me.  I’m coming up now on a year or so of donating, and that I regard as more meaningful as well as a buttress to my praise today.

I am a Christian and as of my early twenties discovered my love of thinking.  Realizing that few in the world and a surprising lack of my fellow Christians even take time at all to really meditate and debate, it became my passion to share the goodness and enjoyment of fruitful thought wherever possible.  Setting off in this direction I learned both that there is so much more excitement out there than those who do not like thought could ever imagine, and that it enables us to connect with each other better, but I also came up against people’s (at the time) enigmatic resistance to thinking.  As a Christian, it occurred to me that if what we hold really is the truth as we claim, then it should be tenable beyond just faith and spiritual experiences.  For my own part I have found this to be satisfactorily true, as in the words of Chesterton, “I believe quite rationally upon the evidence.”  My faith is founded upon such things.

But enough about my general background.  I found your channel on YouTube upon wrestling with the questions (many of them with a so-called Christian rationale) about the at the time candidate Trump in 2015-2016.  I found your method of review and thoroughness of research in the “The Untruth about Donald Trump” videos clearer than anything I’d found before.  Gradually I have come to respect and gain from your method of thinking to the effect that you are the first genuine Atheist Philosopher I respect and recommend as much as religious ones past and present.

You have confirmed some of my deeply held convictions, altered my perspectives in I believe fruitful ways, and taught me new paradigms as well as explained in very helpful ways the resistances I’ve faced in those who resist my efforts.  I now use paradigms garnered from you among others and share different ways of thinking that have inspired thought in people around me, family and friends, in additional ways they had not considered before.  Among Christians in particular, your way of explaining that in our actions of continuing relationships with abusive people, we “bear false witness,” has been effective in opening oft religious minds to new ideas.  I also recommend you to friends and family when the opportunity arises, and in that spirit hope that mine as well as all the rest who support what you are doing will blast through the unfair fight battered against you and your work.

I don’t intend to be presumptuous, but you and your efforts along with the rest trying to reveal the truth shall be in my prayers this year especially.

With continued respect…

Jonas wrote: The first of your videos I saw was in Sept. 2013 when I was researching about bitcoin. I didn’t buy bitcoin though, because, long story short, I’m a pussy.

From then I watched uncountable hours of your videos. You taught me so much ; maybe one tenth of everything I know, I’ve learned from you.

Last year I created an escape game in [x], and maybe part of the fuel I had was the entrepreneurial spirit that you push in your show. For that too, I am immensely grateful.

I hesitated to contribute financially because my girlfriend is pregnant and the communist State of [x] takes [massive]% of my income, but now I feel the urge to help, even modestly.

We are committed to raising our children without daycare, without screaming, without injustice.

You saved many people Stefan

Kenneth wrote: You have changed my life Stefan. I can’t thank you enough for your valiant efforts to open eyes around the world. Together we will prevail against tyranny.

Natalie wrote: You are my hero. You’ve changed my life; you’re changing the world. Thank you for your dedication to truth, to reason, to philosophy. Love from our family to yours.

Mark wrote: There are children walking around today, and there will be many more thousands walking around in the future, who directly benefit from the ideas you have sown in the minds of their parents and the parents of tomorrow. Whether it’s peaceful parenting, breastfeeding, rationality and reason, or just the promotion of truly independent thinking, the difference you make to the contentment and stability of children (through the minds of their parents) is immense and incalculable. These differences are not abstract. On the contrary, they are very real and tangible. Whether it’s a future tear replaced by a smile, a future broken home replaced by a stable and peaceful one, or a future pawn of Marxism replaced by a more rational and intellectually courageous individual, I am certain that the Molyneux ‘ripple’ will be both far-reaching and long-lived. Of course, you won’t receive the level of gratitude and recognition which is due, in fact you will mostly just receive hatred, lies and persecution for your efforts. But the greatest advances in real human progress always come with a generous measure of pain and suffering for those brave enough to saddle the load and lead the way, and I am sure you’re blissfully aware of such unfortunate but existential truths.

So, from just one of the many people who have appreciated your outspokenness and creativity, from someone who is absolutely certain of the far-reaching positive influence your work will continue to have, thank you. Please, please, keep doing what you do.

Marcus wrote: My BA is in Philosophy, and I had one or two good professors, but have derived vastly greater value from your videos. Wish I could afford to send you more per month, perhaps in the future I will.

Wiktor wrote:

Hi Stefan!

I wanted to thank you for all of your Peaceful Parenting work,  and to let you know what an incredible impact it’s had on my parenting skills (3 year old daughter). 

I had a conversation with my parents last night where they must have asked something along the lines how did you become such a good / calm father?

I replied with that’s easy, and simply gave your name. 

Mike wrote: Hi Stefan, I just increased my sub from $5 to $10 per month. $5 felt too little for the value you were giving me. Thanks for the shows. Your work on peaceful parenting has been an inspiration to me.