Feb 27.

Stefan Molyneux


EXPLOITATION!?! Free Market Stefan Molyneux vs Communist Vaush – BOTH VIDEOS!

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain takes up arms against arch-Communist Vaush in a battle of rhetoric, reasoning, will and dominance to determine the most essential questions of the modern age: freedom vs exploitation!

DEBATE BREAKDOWN! Free Market Stefan Molyneux vs Communist Vaush

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the main “arguments” used against the free market by Vaush – fascinating!

  • This was so frustrating. It was clear after 5 min there’d be no rational argument. When idealogues like Vaush have their mind made up they will use every fallacy of logic and confabulate endlessly to justify their conviction. What I’m most curious about is what drives people to these beliefs? It’s gotta be some form of emotional condition that makes the truth too painful for them.

    Michael / 6:19 pm /
    • It’s ALWAYS personal. Always.

      Richard / 6:19 pm /

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