Mar 01.

Stefan Molyneux


Coronavirus Updates: Death Rate! Styx and Stef

  • Stefan — as you know, the our world is collectively unable to see the things that are most obvious. In the case of Coronavirus, we cannot seem to see the overwhelming evidence before our ours that viral respiratory infection outbreaks and death are tied to the dryness of the air.

    Wuhan, China was cold and dry in January through mid February. Then in became warmer and very humid throughout Hubei province and things got much, much better.

    You can track what conditions were in Wuhan day by day. Or any city.

    Specifically, the key variable is **indoor humidity**, which is a function of outdoor humidity and outdoor air temperature.

    The correlation between humidity and viral respiratory infection severity and mortality was clearly shown and explained last year by a team at Yale University Medical School:

    That study showed humidity is sharply protective AFTER viral infection!

    Now watch me tell the future:
    The next evidence will be from France and the Seattle, WA area. There are outbreaks in both areas, and yet humid air has now arrived. Both areas should see a dramatic reduction in new cases and deaths. Tokyo conditions will improve for the same reason.

    I have foretold the future! I have magic! Or else this is another, dramatic instance of humanity failing to see the obvious.

    Even in the case of a scientific solution universally available to everyone to stop a viral epidemic dead in its tracks (all you need is a pot of boiling water to humidify your home) humanity cannot see the blindingly obvious.

    Scott Adams talked about humidity in his periscope today. People are starting to catch on, but it is painfully slow.

    Daniel Hess / 1:23 pm /
  • people are not told these simple things…..we are not stupid, just under-educated on purpose…..

    sam / 1:23 pm /
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