May 08.

Stefan Molyneux



On Wednesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) reported that Gregory McMichael, a former law enforcement official, and his son, Travis McMichael, were arrested in connection with the February 23 shooting of Ahmaud Arbery – 74 days after the killing.

Arbery was shot and killed on Feb. 23 in southeast Georgia.

Was this self-defense, or rampant vigilantism?

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes you into the deep and hidden history of this terrible day.

You will never see this killing the same way again.

(Updated 10 May 2020 based on new information about Ahmaud’s jogging route)

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  • Why would a guy burglarize a house under construction, in broad daylight, with no valuables, with no where to put it…. maybe he was going to steal a generator and put it in his cargo shorts?

    Rand McNally / 11:29 pm /
    • Stealing small tools would be my guess. He threw a hammer at his pursuers. He also might have hoped to steal some copper (pipes or wires) for scrap.

      Miss Molly / 11:29 pm /
  • I rarely listen to any online discourse of this length, but you were informed, logical, and succinct. It seems to me that your points are wholly sound and unassailable, which is why almost no one is likely to pay attention. I’m afraid that your well-intentioned pleas for patience and peace are in vain; even the best of men once offered truth and life to the world, and he was crucified for it.

    Lance Wells / 11:29 pm /
  • They didnt have the right to force him with guns to do anything. He broke no laws that justified hunting him down. Even the cop asked ” what was he doing wrong”. Cause trespassing dosent justify what those killers did. He was off the property. They threatened him by chasing him with guns drawn trying to box him in. Like i said they had no right to try to restrain him.

    Jes / 11:29 pm /
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