Jun 02.

Stefan Molyneux

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Philosopher Stefan Molyneux debates truth, rationality and ethics with the YouTube personality ‘Rationality Rules.’

‘Rationality Rules’ has been enormously critical of me in the past, we meet on the field of intellectual combat to resolve our differences once and for all!


  • I listened to this debate some time ago, and I just finished listening to the debate with Caleb Maupin. You discussed the crimes of communism in both debates, but I do not recall you pointing out directly in either debate that that crimes of that type are inevitable under communism precisely because communism puts a gun to people’s heads and commands them to engage or not to engage in various activities. Under a market system, crimes occur, but not, as in the case of communism, because the very architecture of the system inevitably entails coercion. One could certainly infer that from what you said in both debates, but I do not recall you making that point directly either time. I am curious as to your reasoning for this. It seems to me to be a powerful argument against communism that the system itself inevitably leads to human rights atrocities, up to and including genocide.

    Ben / 2:24 pm /
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