Jun 25.

Stefan Molyneux


NEW DEBATE! Dr Andrew E. Mathis vs Stefan Molyneux

“Life Without Rulers: Socialism vs Capitalism”

Bitchute Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/jx1bPAFzjvYZ/

LBRY Video: https://open.lbry.com/@freedomain:b/mathis-debate:0?r=5tYSTqGyzWki58TBbu2ef3MWZeohtAVY

HQ Audio: https://freedomain.locals.com/post/78660/debate-dr-andrew-e-mathis-vs-stefan-molyneux

MP3 Audio: https://www.fdrpodcasts.com/#/4661/dr-andrew-e-mathis-vs-stefan-molyneux-life-without-rulers-socialism-vs-capitalism

  • Stef!! Say it ain’t SO, man!! What happened?! Oh man… This is truly bad! But I don’t understand, because I’m watching your vid on Plato. …Right this very second! So how is it possible that your other vids — and channel — are GONE?! Why?! How?! When?! …This is bullshit!

    Stan / 11:52 pm /
  • Unbelievable…

    Stan / 11:52 pm /
  • Tell me about it Stan, i was watching the same video. Now it’s completely gone. By the way does this mean that all the videos that Stefan has put out during his entire career is gone or it can be regained and posted somewhere else or is it all truly gone?

    Kristofer Sagolj / 11:52 pm /
  • When you fight ignorance and evil; they fight back. Your labeling is a testimony to your honor and truth. Your enemies quake in the echos of your logic.

    Bill Bower / 11:52 pm /
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