Jun 29.

Stefan Molyneux


Stefan Molyneux: My statement on my YouTube ban.


  • Hang tough Stefan! My prayers and money are with you and your family. You do such a service to freedom and the ban by YouTube is nothing short of the Stamp Act the colonies had to deal with. Long live the Republic! Long live Freedom!

    Jeffrey Steinbock / 6:28 pm /
    • I am furious with YouTube and praying for big changes in this censorship garbage going on. Will donate and I spent a while liking and sharing your GAB posts. All the v BBC rag to you.

      Barb / 6:28 pm /
  • I’m very sorry and disappointed this happened to you and the fight towards rational debate and finally truth, harmony and resolve. I know you’ll keep going and I will continue to do my best to contribute in my own way as well. Truth will conquer all.

    Justin D Cuomo / 6:28 pm /
  • All the best! I’m with you

    MARTIN / 6:28 pm /
  • A grotesque Maoist purge and lawless election meddling by democrat/Marxist thugs. Every expunged or censored word will eventually resound from mountaintop to mountaintop. #RememberInNovember

    Chauncey Freeman / 6:28 pm /
    • the Trump Right are going down SO HARD this November. Mark my words and watch as the masses purge the GOP from the halls of power at the voting booth,

      antifa / 6:28 pm /
      • What world do u live in. Apparently not this one , wrong wormhole dude.

        mark rivera / 6:28 pm /
        • Hey, it’s name is Antifa, you didn’t expect it to make any sense did you?

          Barb / 6:28 pm /
  • Stefan. You have always come across to me a well rounded individual, intelligent, rational. You pursue interesting ideas and allow free thinking. That you sometimes go against what the directed mainstream thought wants is the evidence of your freedom to think. Today so called “thought leaders” are using extreme language against you. People who provide no evidence for their actuations. Apparently you are a gateway. What nonsense. A library is a gateway. Hope you can continue to find new listeners and readers.

    Laurence / 6:28 pm /
  • Which platform are you in now. Time to break yt monopole.

    Igor Karlić / 6:28 pm /
  • A very sad day for freedom. Anyone opposing the Mainstream propaganda will be eradicated. I fear the voice of reason can no longer be heard over the din of oncoming conflagration

    R. Wagner / 6:28 pm /
    • Amen, well said.

      Marko Palikko / 6:28 pm /
  • Truly sad and depressed at this turn of events. I am certainly no free speech warrior but like others I will continue to do what I can when I can to stem this incessant tide of political censorship.

    Roy Mills / 6:28 pm /
    • This is a very sad day for unbiased information so vital for a free world. I do not know how we, the people, can find out whats happening in our world. We knew this Marx-ist censorship would eventually be supported by Google in this crazy world of ignorant idiots and political censorship.

      Ced Stone / 6:28 pm /
  • Really sorry this has happened Stefan. Many of us are still with you. Please please continue what you do. Philosophy is more important than many realise, especially now. The fact that you’ve been banned is proof that the establishment is fearful of freedom of speech, ideas, critical thinking and independent analysis. Keep going my friend. You are one of those that leads the way and we shall continue to support you.

    Martin Walker / 6:28 pm /
  • Stef, what will you do to fight back, and how can we help you to do so? They’ve initiated force, so what is the self-defense counterstrike going to be?

    Randomatos / 6:28 pm /
  • Tragic and awful. The comeback is always stronger than the setback! Stay strong! And fight with the power of your spirit!

    Nigel Wray / 6:28 pm /
  • They have been saying it would get worse but this move on the part of youtube is BAD. Hang in there.

    Marianne Fournier / 6:28 pm /
  • This is getting scarier by the minute; who’s going to be next????.

    Ivan Perez / 6:28 pm /
  • I just heard! I’m so sorry this happened, Stefan. Please know I’m truly appreciative of your discussions. I’ll donate as soon as I can afford to… (Still no work).

    “If you cut out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
    –George R.R. Martin

    Adrienne H. / 6:28 pm /
  • I was furious to see that youtube nuked your channel. Ive been watching and supporting for +10 years. I wanted to complain to youtube but it seems impossible to find a contact email. Will all your shows be on bitchute now? Anyway i’ll continue to watch and support. Stay strong brother.

    Mark Cheetham / 6:28 pm /
  • It’s time for a new platform Stefan! Youtube no longer is about free speech or free thinking. I can imagine other libertarians and free thinkers, especially more conservative minds, will follow suite.

    Tracy Lotter / 6:28 pm /
  • Screw the NWO. And YouTube.

    Dr Hans Zarkov / 6:28 pm /
  • I look for people that the government, and their lackeys, find irritating. Glad I found you. Please add me to your subscription list.

    jim carter / 6:28 pm /
  • Your discourse over the years have been challenging and engaging in the upmost positive sense. I have grown so much in part due to your work. Thank you so so so much!!! As frustrated I am, you are right not to respond as they would. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    DAVIS RODRIGUEZ / 6:28 pm /
  • You helped change my life for the better, this is so crushing youtube banned your channel. Your conversations changed families and lives, you’re an intellectual, peacemaker, and a loving soul. I’m praying for you tonight.

    Nick Anapolsky / 6:28 pm /
  • You may not remember me but a few years ago you helped me with some dating advice and it was greatly appreciated. It saddens and angers me that youtube has done this to a man that has helped so many through out the years. In order to help you get back on your feet I’ve sent some green backs your way.

    Erwin Vorbeck / 6:28 pm /
  • My husband and I braved the protesters and the mainstream tyrants to come and see you in Melbourne in 2018. Sadly, my husband passed away in January, 2019, but I know that he would have wanted me to continue walking side by side with you and the many others who are fighting the good fight for our children and our future.
    Stay strong and know that you have so, so many supporters behind you. Best wishes!

    Van Tran / 6:28 pm /
  • It is a very dangerous world at present.We need warriors like you Stephan to inspire us and help lead us back to a more gentle society where the happiness of the individual is again the paramount purpose of government.

    Paul Jenkinson / 6:28 pm /
  • Stefan I was so shocked to hear on Urban Farmer Curtis’s Stone weekly livestream on YouTube that your channel was terminated, and then it dawned on me, every day before I received current livestreams as ones I’d missed and yesterday was totally different. Standing with ya and so thankful for your no nonsense and speaking the truth as it is, greetings from Mexico and wishing the best for your family and you!

    José Luis Serrano / 6:28 pm /
  • I think you have more support than you may be aware of. I’m not sure how much good would come of it, but I would be happy to sign a petition and/or donate to anything attempting to have your channel reinstated. I imagine there are thousands just like me. Your channel was one of my favorites on YouTube and your conversation with your daughter on Marx and The Communist Manifesto was great. Not only did my 8 year sold and I listen to it together, but we have also started reading and discussing more real-world things together versus just his fictional storybooks. I’ll admit, I underestimated his capacity and intelligence (though I knew he was a smart kid) until your videos inspired me to attempt it with him. I can’t thank you enough. Good luck moving forward!

    Cory A. B. III / 6:28 pm /
  • First Youtube, now Twitter thinks they can silence your voice. I don’t always agree with everything you say, but believe the choice should be mine if I choose to listen. I enjoy watching your posts, and will miss the easy access on YT etc, but will adapt to a new format. Had to break the news to my son-in-law and daughter this morning, they were furious, you have many fans in Melbourne. G’day mate

    Phyllis Said / 6:28 pm /
  • I am so annoyed at Youtube. Steffan you helped me believe in myself and to see the world in a different perspective. Thank you.

    Do not give up. Fight back update your site and get your name cleared in Google results. I am a videographer and web designer and i offer you my services free of charge.
    It’s the least i can do for how much you have helped me.


    Luke Sutton / 6:28 pm /
  • I can’t believe book burning is happening this quickly. I thought they would try to boil the frog more slowly. I don’t think Americans are going to put up with the first amendment being trampled on so blatantly. I may disagree with you sometimes but the silencing of voices is much worse. Much less someone who preaches moderation and logical speaking. That is telling.

    brian smith / 6:28 pm /
  • After his 4th Of July Rally in Richmond with Curt Doolittle, John Mark has now also been platformed by YouTube. To my knowledge, Mark is the only person who is actually working to organize people in the U.S. to join and promote peaceable separation and secession, instead of just talking about it! Mark and Doolittle are devising a plan and, while I don’t agree with everything being proposed (controls on bank loan interest rates for home and car loans, for example), they are open to critique, criticism and refinement of their proposals. They promote “Propertarianism” as an extension to the former constitutional republic of the United States for rural America while leaving the cities to devolve into Marxist city states, which is obviously what the vast majority of people in U.S. cities prefer over self-rule! The plan relies on eliminating the federal government in favor of decentralized government, which is going to be a tough sell to fearful citizens, the deep state and global elites. Mark expects a fight; he’s simply trying to motivate actual change without a shooting war.

    Calin Brabandt / 6:28 pm /
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