Jul 11.

Stefan Molyneux

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HD audio: https://freedomain.locals.com/post/82007/freedomain-call-in-show-10-jul-2020-the-mind-body-split

What is next for Freedomain now that you have been deplatformed?

Q2: 0:02

who called it better, George Orwell or Ayn Rand, and why?

Q3: 0:37

What are Stef’s thoughts on an ancap society forming online as crypto currency and work/school from home are becoming more popular?

Follow-on: Does Stef think ‘the powers the be’ (Government, bankers, etc) would stop something like this? Would they let people ‘out of the system?’

Q4: 0:56

What are Stef’s thoughts on Carl Rogers? Was Rogers influential in anyway to him?

Q5: 1:16 or so

What advice do you have for staying sane in these crazy times? Your comments on the “start stop” of the economy and society wearing down on people prompted this question. I definitely feel that weariness and disorientation and was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to relieve those feelings, what kinds of relationships and activities would be good to try since COVID-fied society isn’t really avoidable.

Q6: 1:33 or so

The other day I logged on to a social media site for the first time in close to a decade. I noticed very quickly that many people I grew up with were rabidly posting leftist propaganda. I then looked through over a hundred profiles of people I’ve known over the years. It was the same. This is particularly startling because I live in a low population region in the western US. Is the time for talk over? Is the end of western civilization near? Should I be fleeing to Poland or something? I do not wish for my kids to experience war.

Q7: 1:47

I recall how Stef mentioned he was scared of a Great Dane as a kid from the last call in. What made him like dogs again and what’s his favorite breed/mix?

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