Dec 26.

Stefan Molyneux



A man terrified of his own violent thoughts revisits his brutalized childhood with philosopher Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain.

One of the darkest calls in Freedomain’s 15 year history. Great wisdom, power and salvation await, but this call WILL invoke strong emotions, please be aware.

  • Hi Stefan:
    Your title was right ” As dark as it gets” but it shed alot of light about the dynamics of an abusive relationship. In relation to this episode I have a question about karma. In this case karma has caught up with the father of this guy but why did it take so long? Why did karma allow this monster to do this to an innocent child? Just like alot of evil in the world, why does karma take time while innocents suffer? What is the purpose of innocents suffering when karma should be instant against evil? I equate karma as a parent with 2 kids. One kid constantly tortures the other while the parent sees this and does nothing until the tortured kid becomes damaged. Only then will the parent exact punishment to the sibling torturer. Am I looking at karma the wrong way? What is your take on karma?

    Jerry Clarin / 6:08 pm /
  • “You know who that big hand is who saves you? Its you”

    Rudra / 6:08 pm /
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