Aug 25.

Stefan Molyneux

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Dear Stefan—I hope you are doing well!

I am writing you in despair, and would like to ask you to take just a minute for me to consider what I say.
I would like to share with you upfront that I feel anxious sending you this—reaching out and getting help from others is a difficult thing for me to do.

So, I’ve been part of our community for 7 years, and although it changed my outlook on life, I am now realizing how I have not overcome the solitude of my childhood, yet. I did not take your advice of getting into therapy early. Now, my therapist is overbooked and struggles to find time for me.

I have started feeling depressed in June this year, triggered by a podcast of yours, talking about the dangers of deferral—sticking with bad relationships, and not finding the right partner. I personally have never ever pursued a single woman in my life, and outright rejected those who approached me.

I would say I have the foundation to become a great psychological helper, as a coach or therapist. I have received much praise from people over the years, helping them gain clarity in their relationships. However, I have not taken any training in this field, and am currently engaged in producing videos and social media posts in the health & fitness field, which I am not curious about pursuing as a career.

More or less all over sudden, I am overcome with regret, and am losing much of the positive outlook on life. After a 6 week hiatus from my minimum-wage job, I’m distraught realizing I am still living the same small life as 7 years ago.

Please tell me outright if what I write doesn’t sound like the thing you would be open to discuss, but just in case there is a chance you might be able to take some time for me, would you at least hear my story?

Maybe we can prevent at least one other person from making the same mistakes I made.

Thank you so much for everything you do, Stefan!

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