Nov 02.

Stefan Molyneux

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Hey everyone!

For the first time in my 16 year history of hosting Freedomain, I am going to take some time off!

Having produced almost 6,000 shows in 16 years (1 per day!), 12 books and three documentaries, it is time to take some time to recharge!

I hope that you will continue to support the show and enjoy my past work (I’m sure there are at LEAST a few shows you have not heard as yet!). If you are truly hungry to hear my voice, you can always listen to my audiobook novel “Almost” that I released last year:

You can also check out some of my greatest hits at:

Thanks so much in advance for giving me the time to take this break, I look forward to chatting again soon!

Best wishes,

Stefan Molyneux, MA
Host, Freedomain

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