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Freedomain Testimonials!

I’ve decided to start gathering Freedomain testimonials in one place, so that you can all see the wonderful messages I get in my inbox every day! My wife and I come from very abusive...

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Audio: You recently did a call in show about how to save your marriage and I felt you had some really good insight and advice. To piggyback off that episode – I have...

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Check out my amazing conversation with Jeremy Kauffman, CEO of LBRY, on the increasingly desperate fight for free speech! A LBRY EXCLUSIVE! Video not available anywhere else:

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The Truth About Impeachment

Video: Audio: Sources:

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Bullet. Dodged.

An email I received from a female fan of Freedomain and philosophy… Hello Stefan, Thanks for your message, and for all that you do. I’ve set up and sent my first monthly donation over...

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Freedomain Call-In Follow Up

Dear Stefan, I wanted to give you a follow up as promised: My mother and I are talking again. She contacted me a few days ago and profoundly apologized for everything she did to...

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What makes it all worthwhile… FROM A FREEDOMAIN LISTENER: I’d like to give you a great big thank you, and internet hug for the meaning and joy that your work has helped me achieve. I was so lost...

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Does spanking violate the non-aggression principle?

Libertarianism centres around the nonaggression principle and a respect for property rights, which are derived from the axiom of self-ownership. Libertarians condemn social institutions which violate the nonaggression principle and property rights. Taxation, national...

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The Untruth About Stefan Molyneux 3: IQ

Podcast: One of the greatest challenges of having a public conversation about complex philosophical topics is the wide differences in expertise between those new to the conversation, and those well-versed in prior arguments...

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Trump vs CNN!

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux and lawyer Mike Cernovich discuss the merits of the Trump legal threat against CNN – which have resulted from the Project Veritas undercover recordings – as well as Hillary Clinton’s email...

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Stefan Molyneux: My Brutal Year

I have always counselled honesty, and although it is very tough for me to show the soft underbelly of my fears and insecurities, it’s time to talk about what the hell is going on...

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The Truth About Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe was the ruthless multi-decade dictator of Zimbabwe, responsible for killing tens of thousands, driving whites from the country, and destroying both the currency and the economy. The death of Robert Mugabe drew...

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