Got Questions?

Try the call in show.

What is the Call-in Show?


The Call-in Show is your opportunity to talk to Stefan about whatever topic you are wrestling with. Relationship advice, politics, current affairs, religion – from science to love to friendship – no topic is off-limits.


If you have burning questions, disagreements or revelations, the Freedomain Call-in Show is perfect for you. Each call usually lasts between forty minutes and an hour and a half, giving us time to really comb through all the detail and reach a point of understanding – after all, it’s your show and the aim is to help you! Why not watch some previous Call-in Shows here or read on to find out how you can participate?

Want to Participate?


The Freedomain Call-in Show is recorded using Skype, so if you’d like to participate you will need to have a Skype account. To ensure proper audio quality, and to give our listeners the best possible experience, you will need to use a microphone headset to avoid audio feedback – standard Apple headphones with a built in mic are a perfect example.


If you’d like to participate, you will need to contact [email protected] to be scheduled in advance. Please send your name, age, Skype username and the question you’d like to discuss on the show.