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4445 INCREDIBLE! "Freedomain and Stefan Molyneux Deradicalized Me!"

A Freedomain listener describes how the world's largest philosophy show convinced him to leave a radical organization, get into therapy, and start dealing with his own personal demons...

Hi Stefan,

My brother came to me tonight and confessed to me his suicidal feelings. He said he hasn't felt like I've listened to him for years. He told me how he felt about the way I treated him when we were kids. He said that I abused him. I listened to him and he told me he wants me in his life and he wants me back in my family's lives. I don't want to reconnect with my family because of the contempt I feel for my mother and father.

But all my siblings miss me and my brother told me that they miss their big brother but I feel so horrible about the situation they are in that I just want to stay out of it and focus on myself.

How can I help my brother? I intend on spending more time with him but it's going to take time to heal the damage I've done.

Hope you see this.



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4445 INCREDIBLE! "Freedomain and Stefan Molyneux Deradicalized Me!"
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